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VA Home Loan - $0 Down 

Ideal for current or former military personnel, VA home loans offer remarkable advantages. Geographical constraints within Mohave Valley don't apply, though remember that if you're eyeing a townhome or condo, it must be on the VA approved list.

With a $0 down payment requirement and a minimal upfront VA funding fee, this loan excels. Unlike USDA, Conventional, and FHA loans, it doesn't entail monthly mortgage insurance. Furthermore, there's no maximum sales price limit, coupled with historically low current interest rates.

If you believe the VA Loan aligns with your needs, feel free to call me direct at (951)310-5481 to delve into how I may assist you with enhancing your understanding of the VA loan process.

3.5% Down FHA Home Loans

Designed for borrowers aiming for flexibility within Mohave County, this loan is an ideal match. If you possess the 3.5% down payment, reasonable credit, and aspire to explore a higher sales price than what Conventional Loans allow, this option fits the bill.

With a 3.5% down payment, you can secure a loan amount of up to $472,030, a substantial increase compared to conventional loans. Moreover, it accommodates a more lenient debt-to-income ratio than Conventional or USDA Loans and extends opportunities to those with less-than-perfect credit histories (including bankruptcies, foreclosures, or short sales) to secure historically low interest rates.

If the FHA Loan aligns with your needs, I invite you to contact me direct at (951)310-5481 to have your financing questions answered.

Mohave 3% Down Conventional Home Loan

Tailored for those seeking the freedom to reside anywhere in Mohave County, this loan is an excellent fit. If you have the 3% down payment, a favorable credit score, and aspire to own a home, townhome, or condo without constraints, this option is perfect.

With a down payment requirement of 3%, you can secure a loan up to $726,200, and if needed, 5% down for loan amounts from $726,200 to $929,850. This loan stands out by omitting upfront mortgage insurance, setting it apart from USDA, VA, or FHA loans. It also features lower mortgage insurance premiums compared to FHA loans, potentially resulting in a more budget-friendly monthly mortgage payment.

If the Conventional Loan aligns with your needs, call me today at (951)310-5481 to get your loan pre-approved!

10% Down Jumbo Home Loan

If your home buying aspirations at the Colorado River require a loan exceeding the $726,200 threshold, yet you're inclined to minimize your upfront investment while boasting stellar credit, this loan is tailored for you.

This option permits a down payment as low as 10%, specially crafted for loan amounts surpassing the $726,200 limit—common in Mohave County's real estate landscape. Notably, I collaborate with wholesale lenders who don't demand the extensive asset documentation typical of larger financial institutions, such as Major Banks, Credit Unions, Financial Institutions.

If the Jumbo Loan resonates with your goals, I encourage you to call me today at (951)310-5481 to discuss your best loan options available.

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