7 - Buck Saving Household Tricks

Little ideas that help you keep a few more dollars in your pocket.

By Richard Lerma


Money Saving IdeasCould you use a few extra dollars this year to purchase some new patio furniture, spruce up your kitchen, upgrade your garden or maybe take a mini getaway?  Try these 7 buck saving household tricks and begin saving a few extra dollars this year that you would normally pay out to your favorite electric or gas company.  Saving money has never been easier when you start making these little changes in your household habits and the way that you maintain important components.  Your pocket book will benefit this year when you implement all 7 ideas and so will your friends and family when you take a minute to share with them.   

1. Reduce the size of your dryer ventilation hose.  This small idea is "free" and will save you $25 to $30 a year on your gas (natural & LP) or electric bill for your home.  Would you like for your clothes to dry a little sooner? Simply start by trimming your hose enough to pull it away from the wall, and eliminate any obstructions.  That simple! Start saving time and money.

2. Sorry folks!!! Save nearly a couple of hundred dollars a year by running only one refrigerator.  If it's more than a decade old, it's probably not energy efficient and is using up more electricity to power your home than you probably would like to. Here you'll gain more interior garage space at the same time, you'll enjoy fresher food and beverages.

3. When running your air-conditioner and heater, be sure to close all open cabinets, closet doors, and pet doors to lower the amount of home you're cooling and heating. This little exercise of making sure these doors are secure could realize as much as a $5.00 savings per month...do the math.

4. Lower the temperature on your water heater. If it's set at 130 degrees F or higher to get hot water a little faster to the sink or shower, be aware that even lowering 10 or 20 degrees could save you $30 to $40 a year.  The benefit to lowering the temperature could also save you from potential scalds.

5. Replace your central air-conditioning filters each month during the summer to keep air flowing freely through the system, ducts and help keep the the blower motor running efficiently.  Purchase a 3-pack of filters for as little as $10-$12 and begin saving as much as $60.00 a year.  In addition, prolong the life of your unit, which in the long run will save you thousands of dollars by not having to replace expensive fan motors parts.

6. When you're finished using your computer and monitor, set it to sleep mode.  Adjust your computers settings to "sleep mode" after 10 minutes or so.  This an easy fix, but one that will help you save at least $75.00 a year on your electric bill.  Your computer will appreciate the extra time off and will help prolong the life of the monitor and hard drive.

7. Install ceiling fans. In the winter, run it at low speed in a clockwise direction to re-circulate the warm air that rises to the ceiling. This will allow you to lower the thermostat a couple of degrees. Cost of fan is normally a couple of hundred dollars with about $100 per year off your heating bills.  In the summer, reverse the fan direction and the airflow creates a wind chill effect, making you feel cooler.

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