Arizona's Colorado River

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The mighty Colorado River is one of the longest rivers in the continental United States. It passes through seven total U.S. states, but the most beautiful passage occurs in Arizona. This has made Arizona an increasingly popular destination for many Americans, from those looking for riverfront homes to those looking to retire in golf course communities. Lake and riverfront living has become more and more attractive option for homeowners, and it doesn’t get much better than the Colorado River. 

Colorado River Scenery 

Arizona Homes for SaleDue to the increase in demand for this amazing real estate, the supply has grown to meet it. Finding a Colorado River home has never been easier or more affordable. The river itself is incredibly beautiful, and dams interspersed along its course have also created a number of lakes. These lakes have facilitated the growth of various towns such as world famous Laughlin, NV., Bullhead City, and Lake Havasu City that are focused on water recreation and tourism. The banks of the Colorado River itself is home to a variety of wonderful plants such as blooming Ocotillo's, the iconic saguaro cactus, yellow-flowered creosote bush, and exotic-looking Joshua tree.

Colorado River Recreation

The Colorado River is a very popular destination for world-class power boating, kayaking, as well as fishing. The riverArizona Houses for Sale | Colorado River Real Estate offers refreshing blue waters, and outstanding boating conditions ideal for skiing, rafting, and swimming. Fishermen are drawn by the rich biodiversity of fish that reside there, including brown trout and Colorado pikeminnow. Even for folks looking to live on the river and not take part in the water recreation can enjoy watching the nearby adventure taking place right in their backyard.

Real Estate Along the Colorado River

Arizona Houses for Sale | 55 Plus CommunitiesNo matter what you’re looking for, there are houses for sale along the Colorado River in Arizona that are perfect for you, and they’re more affordable than you might think.

55 or older? Visit our listings just for you! 55-Plus communities, and Golf Course Communities waiting to be discovered.  You’re guaranteed to find current properties and accurate information about houses for sale, as well as property photos that give you ‘the big picture.’ We’re confident that you’ll find a house that peaks your interest; with the incredible landscape and recreational elements that only the mighty Colorado River can provide, there’s a home for everyone in Arizona. 

We can help you find your Colorado River dreamArizona Houses for Sale | Laughlin Ranch | Golf Course Homes home: private beaches, private docks, balconies, river views, and any other amenities you  could hope for. Not to mention, the golf courses in Arizona near the Colorado River are some of the most stunning in the country. Many of these golf courses are spectacular desert oases that make for both a great living community as well as a great round of golf. Check out Laughlin Ranch, the Colorado Rivers premiere master planned golf course community and thousands of real estate listings along the Colorado River. Our team of experienced realtors are happy to help you and answer any questions about finding your dream home.


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