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Richard Lerma, Realty One Group Mountain Desert is a Colorado River area real estate firm specializing in residential and land sales throughout Mohave County. It is Richard's active approach to marketing that gives him the competitive advantage that his clients are looking for.  Applying a "pro-active" approach, versus the "wait for them to come to us" action, is why we feel you should consider us as your exclusive marketing team.

You will notice below that our marketing plan is based on total immersion of the market. We approach sales from many angles. We know that today’s market demands we hit consumers and agents by phone, fax and internet.  In addition to our plan, notice how our objectives are designed to serve you and your goals. We are here to guide you through an ever changing real estate market and be by your side through every step of the selling process.

Your Questions:                                                                                                                       Why should I choose you to sell my property?

The Lerma Group Objective

It's YOU that matters!

1. To attract as many qualified buyers as possible into your property until it is sold.

2. To effectively communicate the results of our activities.

3. To work with you in negotiating the highest dollar value (price) between you and the buyer.

4. To give you the most professional service and leave you with a positive experience.

Can you sell my house fast?

Our goal, as always, is to sell property within a reasonable time frame that procures the optimum price for your investment.

What will you do differently to sell my home?

Marketing Campaign


Richard has top internet exposure in the area. Your home is listed on several top real estate search sites on the Web, such as:,,,, etc.

Our company Web Sites have had extensive search optimization to the point that 80% of the time a person searching for property in our area, they will hit one of our sites. 

Every site captures information on users so we can actively prospect them. We have systems in place to handle a large number of leads a day. We convert the leads to appointments by talking to our leads on a daily basis.

MLS Marketing

One of the biggest mistakes that companies are making in today’s market is that they are not using leverage to their advantage. We know that 90% of sales will come from cooperating agents in the MLS. With statistics like this, we must look at this seriously and capitalize on the local REALTOR community that are working with buyers.

Email property flyer campaign to attract more broker participation.

Prospect cooperating agents daily to promote your property and increase showings

Monthly promotion through company newsletter.

Call all top producing agents in our MLS who have sold similar homes in the area..

Top of mind awareness! We take professional grade pictures to assure your property is represented properly.

Solicit Other Agents

1. We call agents in neighboring territories to participate in our referral program by creating incentives to refer their buyers to The Lerma Group

2. We call agents in Bullhead City, Kingman, and Lake Havasu City who have sold one or more homes similar to yours and offer referrals to solicit buyers.

3. We promote your property to the other agents in our office and give incentives when they bring a buyer.

4. We develop a list of features on your property for other agents to use with their potential buyers.

Active Lead Generation

In today’s market there are not enough leads walking through the door. We accept the responsibility of creating demand for your property and have assembled an effective lead generation staff ready to do so.

  • Richard actively and aggressively prospects and follows up on all leads five days a week, for at least two hours.
  • List properties on Craigslist with a link to our Web sites.
  • Prospect people who rent properties like yours looking for those ready to make a purchase.
  • We promote your property to other owners in your community or building in hopes a friend or family member is looking to make a purchase in the same area.

Email blasts

  • Weekly email blasts to top producing agents with a “Property of the Week.”
  • Blast the flyer of every new listing to a database of 4,500 people who are interested in the Colorado River area.

Communication is Success

  • We discuss pricing, condition and marketing prior to listing to make sure we create the right sales strategy for you and your property.
  • We are there every step of the way. We communicate a minimum of every two weeks to give you updates and activity reports.
  • We update you every time your property is shown and share the comments of the buyer and the other agent.
  • You will find out how the prospects feel about your price, the condition and more.
  • We update you when other properties sell and discuss repositioning.
  • We are always available via email and phone to answer your questions. We are quick to respond.

In conclusion, we at The Lerma Group understand the current market and have made the proper adjustments necessary to produce sales and create profits during these very challenging times. We are committed to our client relationships and remain active throughout the entire process until your property is sold and closed. We request the opportunity to discuss your marketing needs and to demonstrate how we can get your property sold as quickly as possible while netting you the most money in your pocket!